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Danie Stylez - The Prodigy

A young Jam Skater who’s spinning her way to the top of the predominantly male sport. At only 14, Danie Stylez has already made a huge impression in Tennessee and has set her sights on national championships.

The Tennessee teen was discovered at The Sk8 Skating Center in Cookeville. Morgan has been a avid skater at Sk8 for several years practicing a modern style of rollerskating that includes jumps, spins, kicks and flips

“I’m so happy to be selected by Sure-Grip. It’s a huge honor,” said Morgan. “I’ll continue working on my skating skills and I would love to be a positive roll model for skaters across the world.”

Sure Grips' Steve Earley, says that Danie has the exact qualities that exemplify the best of roller skating. “I’ve visited over 400 rollerskating rinks before I arrived in Cookeville,” Earley said “and I knew almost immediately when I met Danie that she has the athletic skills, perseverance, and personality of a great skater. I’m proud to have her part of the Sure-Grip family.”

Drew Nye - The Hero

Drew Nye is an American hero now wearing America’s premiere roller skates. While valiantly serving in the US Marines, the 25 year old was tragically injured in Afghanistan and honorably retired medically. Drew now divides his time between championing Veteran’s rights in Kansas and promoting rollerskating to the youth of his home town, Emporia, KS. Drew was prominently featured on the Animal Planet television special “Glory Hounds,” chronicling his work with a remarkable team of soldiers who, with their specially trained military working dogs, were deployed to the battlefields of Afghanistan.

Drew was selected to partner with Sure-Grip in recognition of his dedication to the sport or roller-skating and his continued advocacy for veterans. The Emporia man was discovered while working with local families as a part-time employee of Rollers Skating Center in Emporia.

“Im excited for the unique opportunity to partner with Sure Grip” said Drew. “Being inducted into Sure Grip’s ‘League of Skaters’ allows me to promote both the positive image of the wounded veteran and the sport of roller skating. These are two issues that are very close to my heart."

Sk8fanatics Pete - The Innovator

Pete is a life-long Los Angeles based skating innovator. His custom skates, with Sure-Grip components, have helped transform and modernize skating on the West Coast and soon world-wide.

The Sk8Fanatics company, led by Sk8Fanatic Pete, have outfitted the likes of celebrities like comedian Mike Epps, rapper Tyga, basketball star Russell Westbrook, and the luxury Italian shoe brand Louis Leeman. Sk8fanatic Pete has dedicated his life to the lifestyle of skating.