Steps to take


Now that you own a pair of Sure-Grip Skates, take a few minutes to learn some facts about this fine piece of athletic equipment.  Sure-Grip Skates are designed and manufactured for use with minimum adjustment or special care.  Developing a simple working knowledge of your skates will help insure that it will perform to the maximum of its capabilities. 

- INSPECT your skates before EACH use.  De sure all nuts are tight, toe stops are secure and all wheel roll freely.  

- ADJUST your skates for your weight and skill level.  You should have truck action free enough to easily respond to your every motion.  Truck action, however, should not rattle or be loose enough to enable the wheels to touch the skate plate.  Be sure after adjustment the action nut is secure against the plate, if you have one. 

- MAINTAIN your skates for added life to your equipment.  Urethane inserts and cushions should be examined periodically for signs of wear and replaced when necessary

- REPLACE any worn parts immediately.  Your local skating center or skate shop has genuine "Sure-Grip" parts and can service your skates for a minimal cost.  Personal care can prevent accidents, prolong the life of your skates and make skating more enjoyable. 

If you have any questions please reach out to us and we can help you.