Huck Truck

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The only true park truck designed for roller skates. What started as the Supreme truck in the 90s is now the HUCK truck. A true 3" truck that can take both skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels. 100% made in the USA from prime-grade aluminum.
Our truck will last longer and perform better than any other item on the market, period. Our product was meticulously designed to fit a wide range of applications with great detail taken to assure a proper fit. As with most of our products, they are designed to fit across several models, this will save time researching what will fit and what will not. All our products were designed together using a common starting point. This truck is only designed to work with our 10-degree kingpin plates, they include the Probe, the ROCK, and the Avanti plate to name a few.
The 8mm truck itself is classified as a 3” truck with a 5.75” axle length. This will accommodate both roller skate and skateboard wheels if you so choose (Some additional parts must be used if using skateboard wheels).
Each truck weighs an average of 5 ounces.  Sold in sets of 4 trucks.

Extreme caution should be used while using this product as this type of skating is extremely dangerous. Some alterations to your existing skate should be made before use. This truck is not designed to work with any other plate other than Sure-Grip 10 degree plates. If you have any questions please contact us directly. The use of bearing spacers and axle washers are critical for the correct use of this product. Axle washers are provided but bearing spacers are dependent on what wheels you use.

Size: 2.5
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