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Sure-Grip is proud to introduce the LoRide skating plate. The LoRide plate is a brand-new innovative product that truly is one of a kind.  Designed and produced in our facility in California. Three different hanger sizes make each skate unique, allowing the skater to choose how low the skate will be depending on the wheel size. Below is a recommendation for wheel sizes based on hanger choice.

No Riser - 32mm - 37mm
Small Riser - 32mm - 47mm
Large Riser - 32mm - 57mm

Three different assembly bolts will fit each hanger setup accordingly. The small bolt will fit the option requiring no hanger, the medium bolt will be used for the small hanger and the large bolt will be used for the large hanger. Please reference our website for more information about the hanger installation.

Once the desired hanger setup is installed you can begin to assemble the truck. The truck assembly is similar to a single action setup. cushion cup > cushion > truck > kingpin > kingpin nylon screw. Please refer to our website for more information about the truck assembly. 

All parts and tools are included. 

Limited Edition GOLD is now available. 
Item is not returnable if mounted to skate.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a return. 

Made in the USA!
Size: 4
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